Why Kidvelope? | Kidvelope

Why Kidvelope?

Fun and Learning – especially about each other.

  • Interpersonal Discovery

    “What’s wonderful is I learn alot about my grandson, what he likes and thinks is funny. He’s even asking me lots of questions now!”

    – Lucy, Naples FL
  • Bonding

    “My kids and mom have gotten so close, they’re like teammates, constantly laughing and conspiring as they complete their mission.”

    – Jenny, Brooklyn NY
  • Fun

    “My daughter loves the kooky humor. She can’t wait to call up her ‘cool’ aunt to laugh about the silly surprises they share.”

    – Jon, Charlotte NC
  • Educational

    “The fun puzzles and challenges and the back and forth communications, all enhance kids’ creative expression, problem solving and imaginative thinking.”

    – Carol, Educational and Learning Consultant, New York NY
  • Keepsakes

    “It’s great to receive something in the mail my granddaughter made or wrote. It’s almost like having her here – not just on my phone or a screen!”

    – Sarah, Phoenix AZ

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